"FIRST EXHIBITION" brings a mosaic of works by several selected artists. The Israeli sculptor Yossi Salzman, who is exhibiting in the Czech Republic for the first time, draws inspiration from contemporary Israel as well as from ancient mythology. Part of the opening of the exhibition will be the unveiling of his Prague assemblage, which Yossi Salzman has created specifically for the entrance hall. "I have incorporated many icons of local culture and key moments of history into the Prague assemblage, including references to the Jewish presence in Czech culture, which has been here since time immemorial," said Yossi Salzman.

The second part of the exhibition is devoted to sketches and inspiration by the architect Martin Rajniš. The sketching process and the sketch itself should, according to Martin Rajniš, be an irreplaceable and significant part of each architect's design. It can transmit a lot of information that cannot otherwise be captured and put into the plan. 

The show will also include selected works from the SAGA Gallery, for example, a portrait of Andy Warhol and much more.