Galerie Hala C

Event date: 24.10. – 12.11.2018

NOAM OMER: The Birth of Ven(o)us

On 24 October an exhibition of work by the young Israeli artist Noam Omer will be opened. As the title of the exhibition suggests, the artist transforms scenes from mythology into grotesque situations, where the figure of his own father, whose form is also taken by Venus in the central painting, plays a major role.
Fifteen years ago, when the then mentally ill Noam began to be systematically creative, it was his father, who became his protector and guide in the art world.
Noam Omer works not only with pictures from the history of culture but also with those that shape our recent past and present. He not only references images of the Jewish-Christian tradition, the Holocaust tragedy, which also affected his own family, but also current events such as the attack on New York’s “Twin Towers” on September 11, 2001, or the drama currently taking place in Aleppo. The artist splits individual elements of reality into contrasting surfaces, which together create a formally and meaningfully deformed mosaic. Human bodies, draperies, and spaces have an identical structure and blend into a single, indistinguishable material, in which apocalyptic human swarming takes place.
Omer's paintings, computer graphics, and photomontages can be reminiscent of Francisco Goya’s series The Disasters of War, and not only thanks to the depiction of cruelty and suffering that is taken to an absurd extreme, but also the precarious, dramatic point of view. With Omer, like Goya, his vision of the world is influenced not only by external stimuli but especially by the challenge of creating order out of the chaos to which he feels attracted and engulfed every single day of his life.. His deep vulnerability paradoxically allows him to inspect and portray these facets of reality that may remain hidden to ordinary people.

Curator of the exhibition: Terezie Zemánková

Exhibition concept: Galit Semel