Galerie Hala C

Event date: 15.10. - 08.11.2019

Imaginarium III - Anna Lara Feldeková, Dorothea Bylica, Petr Štěpán

The broad human imagination is widened even more once watching artistic photography. The concrete and well-known images are transformed into a metaphor, an idea which elevates the thought and provides a new inner sensation, a physical one as well as a mental one. The process introduces a new understanding of the world around us and incorporates the power of photography and its beauty.

Three photographers, friends and colleagues, take part in an exhibition Imaginarium III offering perspectives on photography as a metaphor as well as a way to understand contemporary life and art.

The human body is a never-ending source of inspiration for Anna Lara Feldeková. The black and white photographs enhance the sensation that the human body is much more than what we imagine. The body is like an ever-ending sculptural splendor of textures and shades. It is a source of inspiration for looking at the world as well as for the understanding of human relations. Each viewer can find in the nude images his or her personal perspective on life and relationships.

The seascape is more than just a sea view, in the photos of Petr Štěpán, the horizon is much more than just an image of the outstretched landscape.  In his words: "Imaginarium or the aquarium of imaginations is a creative-conceptual ensemble of images reflecting on two levels of interpretation of reality, one of them being the reality in the form of a discovered actuality and the other the reality as a creation of imaginative thinking."

In the series of photographs Recycling Madonna, author Dorothea Bylica, transforms the well-recognized images of the Baroque Madonna into contemporary images presenting an updated perspective. The photographed models are dressed as sacred figures but with the most common recycled materials. This artistic mode transforms the way we perceive both the holy figure and the aesthetics of the simplest consumer products. Through these works, the medium of photography changes our vision and understanding of the world we seem to know.