Galerie Hala C

Event date: 10.12. – 10.01.2019

HANA ALISA OMER: Paradigm shift

Hana Alisa Omer presents at this exhibition, called " Shift of Paradigm " a selection of her earliest and her present work. It is evident that over the past fifty years, this artist has undergone dramatic personal and artistic development. "Both have been created by the same hand ... the same and concurrently a different person," she explains.

Hana Alisa Omer was born in Slovakia, where she graduated from the Industrial Art School in Bratislava. In 1967 she immigrated from Communist Czechoslovakia to Israel. After studying at Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem, she worked as a graphic artist and illustrator, while she devoted herself to free creativity as well.

In the 1970s, she created her raw figurative drawings of the series of “Psychic anatomy”, “Death Studies” and a cycle of “Inner Landscapes”, in which she unconsciously addressed the neuroses inherited from her parents, survivors of the Holocaust.

In the 1980s, she made studies of the human body and its energy structures, inspired by her work as a teacher of Hatha yoga.

The milestone became the year 1995, when she created the Heavenly Jerusalem cycle, depicting with kabbalistic symbolism the immemorial human desire for peace and salvation.

This creative collaboration induced in her a new creative stage, based on the conscious interconnection with her Jewish roots. "After creating the „Heavenly Jerusalem“ series, I realized, that my further work must continue in "Earthly Jerusalem", she explains.

In 1999 she moved from the artist village of Ein Hod to Jerusalem, where she was involved in ecological and interfaith activities.

Her artistic expression has transformed radically, as now she sought to cope consciously with her identity, faith and the trauma of the Holocaust.

In 2005, with motivation from her brother, she began working on the cycle of paintings „Roots“, in which she gave tribute to her Jewish ancestry and tradition. She also created the fifth, central image of the Heavenly Jerusalem series, called the „Opening the Gate of Mercy“.

Since 2012, she‘s been living in Prague, which inspires her to paint fantastically realistic urban visions. "My work is changing with the changes in my personal life. Providence allowed me to live now in Prague, and it is surprising to me, that right here I am connected deeper with my Jewish roots, than while living in Israel. Prague is a dream city for me, and I dream with her - with her bridges and towers, with her river, islands, and temples... "